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I am a very-much-not-"x" Catholic who has joined this site for friendly-yet-vigorous debate. My background is in philosophy and American law, and it inevitably shows in my style and assumptions, but I'm more than open to correction when I make an error. My approach to debate is angled more towards "hit me with your best shot" (i.e. if my argument has flaws, point them out boldly, and I'll fire back just as hard) than "kumbaya" (i.e. tiptoeing around controversy in an effort to avoid goring anyone's sacred cow) - but even at my most heated, it only ever means I care deeply about the topic, not that I bear anyone animosity or disrespect. I attack positions full-bore, and people not at all - or, as the Church has put it, error has no rights, but people in error (or who I think are in error) do.
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Orthodox Roman Catholic
Quinnipiac University School of Law 2014, Law (J.D.), Bowdoin College 2004, Government & Legal Studies, Philosophy

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